About me

Chris Lloyd 

Specialising in:

  • Mothercraft & Postnatal Doula Support

  • Counselling & Holistic Support


'Pomegranate Postnatal Wellness'  enrichment & support during the transition to parenthood - supporting the mother to find her mojo in the postpartum period and beyond [learn strategies to support the first 12 months]



Whilst working therapeutically within the family and parenting sector for many years, I have observed it is the maternal nurturer that is often absent in the new mothers life as she transitions into parenting. 

I am a mother of two who can relate to the 'adjustment to parenthood' - I also bring an eclectic mix of skill having started my career in nursing and paramedicine, later working with mothers and babies at Tresillian Family Centre Canterbury, Queen Elizabeth Family Centre Canberra and other wonderful Melbourne based parenting programs supporting parents with sleep & feeding issues & their adjustment to parenthood - I was hooked!!! and love watching parents blossom and find their parenting mojo - leading on to several other roles and further professional development in social science/counselling/family support and child development  - working in many Health & Community settings which I still tap into on a casual basis due to loving the work 

I bring an extensive knowledge base in:

  • Parentcraft skills
  • Infant behaviour - sleep & settling
  • Responsive and attuned parent/infant strategies 
  • Feeding & routine support
  • Therapeutic & holistic support
  • Counselling
  • Postnatal Doula offerings
  • Neurobiology/child development - both normative and trauma impaired - reparative strategies 
  • Referral pathways & resources in the perinatal area -I don't believe in working in isolation - the village needs solid professional relationships to support a family holistically- I promote mother's have key relationships with their MCH Nurse, Paediatrician, GP and work in conjunction to reach a wonderful outcome and complementary service for families]

I hope to support parents to understand newborn temperament, personality and infant behaviour, noting it is often the settling and feeding issues that can cause additional maternal/paternal fatigue and stress

My work enables the mother to recognise the importance of her own self-care and value herself as a caregiver - Simple and practical ways are introduced into a mother's daily routine to increase levels of oxytocin through diet, massage and mindfulness techniques - I hope to reduce isolation by connecting mothers to like-minded women and build her supports/tribe/cheer squad!!