Pomegranate Pre & Postnatal Workshops


sleep & settling

Introduction into infant cues and behaviour - great for the expectant parent prior to birth or in the first few months post birth 

[Visit the In-home support page for the unsettled infant - newborn to 12 months]

  • Learn simply ways to tune into your baby and better understand cues and infant behaviour 
  • Learn calming and settling techniques and better understand the importance of a calm and responsive approach.  
  • Learn more about infant development 
  • Learn about in-home supports
  • Roadmap to breastfeeding success


Birthing the Mother!


This is not an antenatal class surrounding the stages of labour -The coffee morning is however a great way to meet other expectant mothers/parents

We will focus on:

  • Preparing for the 4th Trimester
  • Meet like-minded mothers and start building your village/tribe/cheer squad!! 
  • Learn simple tips and tricks before baby arrives
  • Understand more about infant care and development 
  • Learn about local pre & postnatal services in your area.
  • Value your postpartum and learn key ancient practices that will aid in your recovery and restoration post-birth....start the nurture now!

Maternal Wellness retreats

Available to all Pomegranate clients receiving an in-home package or clinic service

  • Join in on regular workshops 
  • Connect with like-minded mothers
  • Learn simple holistic therapies and ayurvedic practices to increase levels of oxytocin [the love hormone] through diet, massage and mindfulness techniques - reduce maternal fatigue and stress !
  • and heaps more....